At Abbloo, we believe the world of tomorrow is our world. In a polluting industry as the print and customization industry - the fifth-largest industry worldwide-, we believe it’s even more essential to take responsibility and accountability for our actions.


Sustainable Production

Abbloo also incorporates the use of environmentally-friendly inks and solvents. Our inks are vegetable oil-based and emit very low traces of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are the fumes that evaporate into the air from inks, solvents, and cleaners as they are used or while they dry.

Abbloo's VOC emissions from our printing process are as low as practicable due to the use of these eco-friendly materials. In comparison, petroleum-based inks and solvents release a much greater amount of VOCs than soy inks and our extremely low VOC solvents. Furthermore, the waste produced by soy inks poses a much reduced threat to the environment compared to petroleum-based inks and can be easily treated using modern methods.

Sustainable Packaging

In our packaging, we have the aim to do this in the most sustainable way. This means that for our branded packages, we thrive to have 100% recyclable materials and that we don’t use over-needed fillers and plastic by the end of 2023.

Next to this, we offer our customers the option to offset the carbon footprint generated by their orders via our platform. To calculate the carbon footprint of our orders, we calculate the average country distance between supplier to customer, emissions generated during the manufacturing process, production, and transport. These calculations are done by our partner EcoCart and are based on open-source research. With every order that is being offset, the full amount of money will be donated to verified projects by EcoCart that focus mainly on the maintenance of forests and compensation of carbon emissions.