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Where can I get t-shirts for Holi?

Abbloo makes designing and ordering t-shirts for Holi easy. Custom Holi t-shirts are a fantastic way to promote your comraderie and espirt-de-corps among your employees or team members while celebrating this really fun and colorful festival. Building and colony members wearing t-shirts with your unique Holi design is a great way to enjoy this special day. Premium quality Holi t-shirts also make a great gift for you special customers while also encouraging them to continue supporting you. You can order both men’s and women’s t-shirts within the same order. You can also order multiple colours of t-shirts within the same order at no extra charge.

We have a quantity based pricing in place, so the more t-shirts you order, the greater the discount you receive. We have a loyalty program in place, wherein, for every Holi t-shirt you order for your Holi celebration, you win points which can be redeemed for any custom t-shirt on our website

Where can I get a personalized Holi t-shirt?

Abbloo makes designing and ordering your personalized Holi t-shirt easy. Custom Holi t-shirts are a fantastic way to stand out while celebrating Holi. Your family and you can all wear a unique design to play this unique festival and stand out as a family. They also make great photo opportunities as well. Personalized Holi t-shirts with colorful designs are a surefire way to get you up and keep you positive and energetic throughout the celebration. At Abbloo, we have 1000’s of Holi designs which can be bought as it is or customized to meet your specific mood. You can also design your own personalized Holi t-shirt with special photographs of your heroes, chants or sayings. Premium quality Holi t-shirts also make a great gift for your near and dear ones in making their festival special. You can order both men’s and women’s t-shirts within the same order. You can also order multiple colours of t-shirts within the same order at no extra charge. You can order the design in both cotton t-shirts or in performance wear. The same designs can also be ordered in hoodies, zipper hoodies or any other product on the Abbloo website.

At Abbloo, we provide both premium cotton t-shirts and dry fit, moisture wicking performance t-shirts. You can also customize the fit of the t-shirt, if you have a minimum requirement of 50 t-shirts.

How should I create custom t-shirts for my Holi?

When making custom Holi t-shirts for your Holi celebration, the idea is make as big an impact on the members and public as possible. The t-shirt should catch the attention of everyone in a subtle way and also spread the message of unity, friendship and the spirit of holi. It should encourage anyone who sees the t-shirt to want to play Holi and join the celebrations. Members wearing t-shirts made specially for your company, building, colony or group will definitely feel like one. At Abbloo, having established ourselves as an industry leader and having delivered over 7 million custom t-shirts in over 7 years, we understand what designs work and how branding on t-shirts should be. You can customize apparel in our design studio with your unique Holi design or use our cliparts and text. We print personalized Holi t-shirts with a 100% money back guarantee and a fast turn around time. We are easier, more reliable, and cheaper than most local printers in addition to providing unlimited design support. We offer free shipping shipping on all orders.

Where can I get t-shirt design ideas for my Holi celebration?

Abbloo has some of the best t-shirt designs for every kind of festival. The designs are listed as per category based on the t-shirt design idea. You can also just search for the idea and you will find various t-shirt designs listed. At Abbloo, you can edit the designs and customize it to your specific need. You can also custom create your own Holi t-shirt by either designing it online in our design studio or uploading your artwork directly. Abbloo also has various other similar t-shirt designs. Holi and spiritual slogans and images are a cool way to make Holi t-shirts. Whether you are a company, colony, building or a group in a company, you will find multiple designs to choose your taste or theme. If you are still don’t find a design to your liking, you can drop us an email and we shall create a design to meet your specifications!

What kind of printing is best for my Holi t-shirts?

With over 7 million custom t-shirts under it’s belt, Abbloo is the ideal choice for high quality, reliable Holi studio and Holi t-shirts. If you have quantities over 50, we can custom manufacture t-shirts, polo and hoodies with the colour combinations of the t-shirt varied based on your logo. For Holi t-shirts screen printing is preferred for bulk orders as they are long lasting and look good. Screen print and embroidery cannot be done with logos having gradients. When a t-shirt order is placed with us for screen or embroidery, a mock up of the design with placement and dimensions is sent to you for approval. It only on getting the customer’s approval is the t-shirt printed or embroidered. If you are buying a one off t-shirt for your personal use, we provide you with a direct to garment print. Direct to garment prints are great for designs with gradients, photographs and multiple colours. You can also personalize the t-shirt with your individual name and tagline. There is restriction of a minimum order.

We pride in our expertise in making quality t-shirts for Holi. We have repeat customer orders of corporate t-shirts of over 50% due to our excellent customer service, quality products, timely delivery, superior printing and embroidery and value for money prices. We count amongst our customers Google, Amazon, CISCO, Disney and several multinational companies.