Help in Designing

Free assistance to make your design perfect

Help in Designing

Free assistance to make your design perfect.

All formats of files are accepted

We will be able to work with them no matter what format your design gets to us in. Your designer will improve your design if some error found.

Placement & Centering

After you place your order, we take care of all the logistical aspects of production. We double check that your design is placed perfectly on your apparel, and that the alignment, centering, and distance from the neckline is correct (so no need to worry if you are a little off-center or a little too low). We’ll correct any minor issues that we find and send you the final version before we move on to printing.

Removing Background Colors On Your Artwork Images

When your provide us your design, sometimes a box will appear behind your artwork. In some cases, it is completely different than the shirt color. Not to worry – This is an easy fix! After placing your order, our designers will remove that background and show you a finished design layout without that extra coloration.

Color Changes

Any piece of artwork can be fully changed so it’s a breeze to change the colors in your image! For example, with a white background, we took this multicolored image and changed the look completely by converting it into just four fluorescent colors. Just let us know what colors you need and our designers will be happier to encourage you.

Ink Color Contrast

We recommend paying particular attention to the contrast between the shirt color and ink colors you select in order to make sure you will be satisfied with the final results. For example, if you think white ink looks great on a forest green t-shirt, go for it. Or if you think red ink looks great on a black t-shirt, no problem. Everyone has unique tastes, but if we feel that you have chosen an ink color that will not be visible on your shirts — we’ll have your back! Should this occur, we will notify you of our concerns by phone or email. If you would like our recommendations before placing your order.

Converting Full Color Images To One Color (Black And White)

We get a number of orders from clients looking to print full color pictures on a budget. Although it isn’t always the cheapest option, we’re offering plenty of alternatives to help make your plan come true. For example, if you’re having a birthday party on a budget and want some commemorative t-shirts for the event, our designers can take your photo, turn it into black and white and then print it on whatever color apparel you’d like, thus minimizing overall cost. When it comes to art you can do something! Only let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make any modifications you need.

Other Printing Locations

We can print on almost any location on your garments, including sleeves, sweatpants legs, sweatshirt hoods and pockets, and even on the inside of your apparel!

If you would like to place an order with a non-traditional print location, simply give us a call at

+919999045521 to speak with a project specialist.

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