Our story starts with the name – ABBLOO. (ABBLOO MERCHANDISE PRIVATE LIMITED)

Yeah abbloo, We know society perceives this name as stupid and uncommon. But we have our own story behind this name, we believed that if something is perfect and someone has a need of it, he/she need not to think before buying that product or even have a second thought regarding that.

So, Abbloo has its meaning (Abb- now, loo- buy it). And we believe one day each and everyone will know the importance of perfection (i.e, abbloo).




We, the team Abbloo are giving our best to change one’s imagination and creativity into reality. We frame someone’s beliefs and ideologies with their organization in personalized real-life products which he/she can call truly his/her. We deliver custom printed t-shirt, uniforms, merchandise including T-shirts, shirts, pants, polo, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, and any kind of uniform. We have products with various fits and materials that meet your needs and provide flexible personalization of your product.
We also provide mass merchandise of products in India, which includes both online and offline customization. We have been associated with many businesses, organizations, societies, and top colleges in India like IITs, NITs, IIMs and many state colleges.
Even with less customization experience, we have changed and adapted to truly bring our customer’s expertise in customization with every order they place.  

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Meet The Team

Mayank Saini

Founder & CEO